Bikes: A Place for ALL BODIES with Marley Blonsky

Meet Marley Blonsky, a fat adventure cyclist, co-founder of All Bodies on Bikes, co-host of the All Bodies on Bikes podcast, curve model, advocate, and consultant. Marley is fiercely passionate about size inclusion, believing that everyone deserves full access to life-including at work, in sport, and at home.

Marley loves all kinds of bike riding, especially overnight adventures, long gravel rides and riding her cargo bike with her dogs in the front box. Marley might not be the fastest cyclist out there, but she rides with determination, grit and perseverance, leading her to multiple last-place finishes!

Marley’s work is supported by Cannondale, Shimano, RideWithGPS, Osprey Packs, Twisted Spoke CBD, and Shredly.

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