92. From Bio-Tech to Coaching, Get Strong with Jen Kates

This week we had the Amazing Jen Kates of Shift Human Performance on the podcast! Jen has been a coach for over 15 years and has over 35 years of training experience by being a nerd on all things strength training and nutrition. Before starting Shift Human Performance, she worked in public health and biotech research for over 12 years. Now she helps humans get strong to shred!

In 2016 she was seeking to get out of the biotech industry and to chase her calling of being a coach full-time, so she made the leap and hasn’t looked back since! She saw the importance of both nutrition and physical training and longed to help busy professionals find a way to manage their health and wellness, sustainably. She is a mountain biker and loves spending time on two wheels on the dirt! We talk about strength training around mountain & gravel biking specifically and her amazing program, Shred Strong!

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