Tearing it Up, Tearing it Down, & Tearing it Apart

Get ready to tear down walls and dive into the Tarin It Up Podcast! We chat with badass women in sports, business, and everyday life (just like us). We’re all about celebrating those who break the mold, creating their own paths while giving a shoutout to the everyday struggles and victories. Life isn’t a highlight reel, and success doesn’t happen overnight. We’re here to tear up the idea that life should be linear and that there is only one path to success.

Meet the Hosts

Tarin and Amber met when they were 14 & 15 years old. They went to high school together in Tacoma, Washington, where they were both born and raised. Throughout high school, they played fastpitch and soccer together and after graduating, eventually became roommates. Over the last twenty years, their lives have gone down different paths as they explored and experienced new things, but never lost touch. Their friendship has always had a solid base and has been surrounded by doing things they love outdoors and being complete goofballs together. They are outspoken, bold, witty, and love making people laugh. Uplifting women has become a major part of both of their lives. The chemistry between the two is what makes others feel like they are sitting in on a conversation with their friends. They aim to have open and relatable conversations to provide easy listening while inspiring others to do the damn thing.


Tarin is an outdoor enthusiast who grew up playing sports and always loved being outside. Action sports didn’t come into her life until later, but as a female wrestler in the 1990s, she has a unique perspective on what it was like being a female in a male-dominated world from a young age. This led her to never being afraid to try anything and hopes to encourage others to do that by having open conversations with the movers and shakers in the outdoor industry and beyond.

From being a zipline guide in AK, a mountain bike coach in Tahoe, detailing boats, cleaning houses, being in the food service industry, working on a commercial fishing boat, starting her own personal training/yoga & paddleboarding business, being the marketing director of an outdoor store in Truckee, CA, to starting this podcast, Tarin has a lot to say and hopes to share stories from others on taking chances and going all in on your dreams.


Amber is also an outdoor lover, a mother, and an overall active human. She splits her time between working and getting herself and her son out on adventures. She wants to show him the natural world and how to appreciate and enjoy it as much as she does. Amber has faced major losses in her life but has always kept a smile on her face and can always find the positive in others. She brings out the best in people and is the ultimate hype girl. Her life has been far from linear and she hopes to inspire people by sharing her stories and experiences with life. Amber keeps it real and isn’t afraid to be exactly who she is. As with most of us, she is still trying to figure out life and where her zig zaggy path will lead her. But she is trying her best to enjoy the journey and learn from experiences along the way!