What is a Wildpreneur and How Anyone Can Become One

Tamara Jacobi, owner of the Tailwind Jungle Lodge and author of the book Wildpreneurs, shares her journey of starting a jungle eco-lodge in Mexico and becoming (a term she coined) a Wildpreneur. Raised by very adventurous parents who considered backpacking or bike-packing for a month (or 2) a typical family adventure led her to write up the business plan for a jungle lodge in college and create that business when she was just 21.

For nearly 20 years, Tamara has been learning lessons as she goes, creating a road of her own. This is ultimately what inspired her to write her book to offer insights and advice for those looking to start their own off-the-beaten-track business. She is also the guide community leader and head of accommodation partnerships at Thermal – a company offering private surf adventures.

Tamara reminds us to enjoy the journey (not just the destination) which has been a lifelong lesson across all aspects of her life personally, professionally, as a mom and a partner.


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